Lets support the Common Good in Amherst!

We can now use the Common Good card in Amherst!

The Common Good Project which has been so successful in Greenfield is now available to residents of Amherst and the surrounding towns!

I hope you will join me in celebrating the BIG news that Atkins Farms Country Markets began accepting Common Good payments last week!
Common Good is a non-profit, social change organization using a payment card to enable the community to support local projects.  Common Good account holders in Greenfield have funded several local businesses and non-profits – and as soon as we build our membership in Amherst – we can do the same! 
Several Amherst businesses now accept the Common Good card (with more to come), including:
  • Simple Gifts Farm
  • Barts Ice Cream
  • Amherst Copy & Design Works
  • LimeRed Teahouse
  • Cushman Market & Cafe
  • Old Friends Farm LLC
  • Amethyst Farm
  • …. and more!
John M. Gerber
Co-founder of Grow Food Amherst

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The Common Good card is really convenient and easy to use! 

On Monday, I bought local ice cream at Atkins Farms and local bread at Simple Gifts Farm Stand in North Amherst.

“Common Good has the potential to fundamentally change the roots of our local economy, building a new economic system…”

Sorrel Hatch, Upinngil Farm, Gill, MA

“What makes Common Good different is that you can cash out whenever you want and you’re creating a pot of money that can be lent out for community projects.”
Jeremy Barker-Plotkin, Simple Gifts Farm
North Amherst, MA

“Unlike with credit cards, there are no fees.  Its free!  And I really like the idea of NOT contributing to the “big banks” when I use my Common Good card!  
John M. Gerber, Stockbridge School of Agriculture
Amherst, MA

Every time you use your Common Good card you help our local community.  I encourage you to get a Common Good account today  and help us build an economy that works for the Pioneer Valley.

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