Dismantling Racism and other Oppressions

These resources are part of a collection of readings, videos etc. I have explored in an attempt to understand my own role in the maintenance of a culture of white supremacy, particularly within my workplace and community. This is being shared because “white people need to do this work themselves” according to the author of My Grandmother’s Hands, Reesma Menakem.

General Resources

Thinking about White Supremacy Culture


Key Concepts:

Reparations and Reconciliation

Resilience Wisdom:

Indigenous Peoples Historical Perspective on the History of Amherst, MA

Amherst College china used from the late 1920s, again during World War II (from 1941 onwards) and until 1973 when the Syracuse china was discontinued. Photo of dinner plate and bowl, courtesy of Anika Lopes and Ancestral Bridges.

Dismantling Racism within Unitarian Universalist Institutions and Culture

UUSA Sunday Service Videos

Many Roads: Exploring White Supremacy Culture – Reverend Rachael Hayes; October 24, 2021

More Eighth Principle Services on You Tube


Systems Thinking for a More Sustaianble World

New Thought Evolutionary

Creating The Beloved Community - Together

Amadou It All

A Fascinating Fungal Fabric and a Humungous Human History

Levi Stockbridge Lessons and Legacy

What can we learn today from "Prof Stock"?

The Niche

Trusted stem cell blog & resources

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