Dismantling Racism Resources

These resources are part of a collection of readings, videos etc. I have explored in an attempt to understand my own role in the maintenance of a culture of white supremacy, particularly within my workplace and community. This exploration includes participation in Beloved Conversations, a program offered by the Meadville Lombard Theological School and sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Association.

General Resources


Thinking about White Supremacy Culture


Key Concepts:


Resilience Wisdom:

Dismantling Racism within Unitarian Universalist Institutions and Culture

And here is an another important viewpoint from UU’ers

UUSA Sunday Service Videos

Many Roads: Exploring White Supremacy Culture – Reverend Rachael Hayes; October 24, 2021

Worthy Now Prison Ministry – The Church of the Larger Fellowship; October 17, 2021

Indigenous People’s Day: Sacred Footprints – Reverend Rachael Hayes; October 10, 2021

Moving Through Fear – Reverend Rachael Hayes; September 26, 2021


Systems Thinking for a More Sustaianble World

New Thought Evolutionary

Creating The Beloved Community - Together

Amadou It All

A Fascinating Fungal Fabric and a Humungous Human History

Levi Stockbridge Lessons and Legacy

What can we learn today from "Prof Stock"?

The Niche

Trusted stem cell blog & resources

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